Javier was born in the mid sixties  in Madrid, Spain. He studied music at early age while singing in the choir at the Escolania Mater Amabilis.
It wasn't until the age of 15 that he started to play the guitar. Learned by himself, while attending high school at Manuel Peleteiro in Santiago de Compostela. Is here Javier writes his first song, Puente Segovia.
Back in Madrid he and some friends formed a little group in which Javier started to play electric bass and continued writing songs like Ya de quince años, El Cid, Paxton, etc.
At the age of 18, Javier's family moved residence to Alicante where by chance he started to play in bands such as Costa and Slasel. There he listened, learned and played a wide array of styles. This is reflected in songs like Mundos en esquinas, Dibujando, Agua de Limon, Barrios Bajos, etcetera.
Javier had his first encounter with the Blues in Alicante around the age of 25. He then discovered a whole world of hearted music. He found himself totally at home playing the blues with The Rudy Cat King band. He found a marvelous free way of expression with the instrument. Eager to get more inspiration from the blues, Javier flew to England and made London his residence.
Javier moved to London in 1996. There he learned from many blues artist playing in the London scene, both American and British. Javier soon joined the jam sessions around town and he was a regular. Some of them were the Sunday afternoon concert at the Station Tavern in Ladbroke Grove and the Monday jam in Ain't Nothing But. One of the musicians he first met was guitarist Fred Pierre-Gustave, with whom he wrote Kingly Street.
Far away from home Javier refelected on many things and wrote songs such as Barco y Sal and A Luna. This was a time of learning about life but also to attend courses of music at London City Guilds and sound engineering at the University of North London.
While in this period of blues & school Javier never stopped jumping into other styles of music and joined several side projects. The first was Spinney Hill, an acid jazz group mixed with pop influences where he met Mike and Buzz Williams. Mike and Javier have written many songs since.  Just to mention some compositions: Pistolas, Waiting for You, The Ocean, Love and Hate, The fake Duke, Is someone there? January daze, Trance, After the show, etc.
In 1997 he joined the London Blues Band of blues diva Dana Gillespie. He recorded more than six albums with her, some of them live: Back to the blues, Experienced, Staying Power, Mustique Blues 1999/01/02 are among them.
With Dana and the London Blues band, Javier performed alongside major artists all over the world, such as opening for Bob Dylan’s in his UK Tour in 1997. He also shared bill with legends such as Wilson Pickett, Robben Ford and Buddy Guy.
One curious note: Dana Gillespie is the first ever blues band that have done a tour in India.
Members of the Dana Gillespie Blues band included guitarrist Ed Deane, Matt Schofield and Fred P.G. Saxofonist Mike Paice, Big Mart Winning. Drummers Chris Hunt, Evan Jenkins, Roger Taylor (for Wembley Arena performance). Pianist Dave Rowberry, Joachim Palden, Dino Baptiste, Julian Brunetaud.
Javier embarked on a sailing trip across the Atlantic Ocean in 1999. During this trip he came with the idea for the song Spanish Bar. The song was arranged by Mike Williams in London and released in Madrid in 2003, as part of the soundtrack of the motion picture The Mix by Pedro Lazaga. For the film, Javier also composed nine other tracks of incidental music (Estoy aqui, KTMF, Sherpa's trail, Slide guitar intro, Dovarich macva). The recording took place also in Madrid at Infinity studios with Mike Williams (keyboards), Matt Schofield (guitar) and Evan Jenkins (drums).
In 2004, Javier choose Utrecht, The Netherlands, as his residence to work on his own material and is re-arranging many of his old songs. This material includes compositions such as Que mas me da, Esta Noche, Maria de las Aceras, Cuanto mas te miro, Amistad, El Rio (Leidsche Rijn) y Amsterdam in March.
In less then two years he has established a widely appreciated performance both for a public audience and intimate private parties. He has been engaged in World Music projects with Moreshinda, Thidrin and the world lullaby’s with Mehrnaz Salehi.
Javier is regulary invited to lead sessions for improvised World Music at the Sju Jazz Podium in Utrecht and he has appeared in numerous Utrechtse Culturele Zondagen concerts.
Javier alternates live performances with studio productions, having composed music for the Dutch television (
Gezelig naar Marokko, Wij zijn Geschiedenis), documentaries (Meat the Truth) and promotional videos (Rosegarden Studios, Zoom-in TV).