Music & Lyrics: J.G.V

Acoustic & electric guitar: Janos Koolen; Drums: Pim Huitink; Harmonica: Cadijo; Keyboards: Jerome van Rossum; Bass guitar, vocals: J.G.V

I was born in Madrid and lived there until the age of 18. Every time I come back I have the feeling that the city has been gradually sold out. In the meantime, as I wait for my departure day, I like to walk the streets and talk to people in shops, bars, parks, etc. I love the old neighborhoods and to go out late, having something to eat at 5am on my way home. Is that what makes Madrid great? Well I’m feeling better already!



Music & Lyrics: J.G.V

Harmonica: Cadijo; Drums: Pim Huitink; Electric guitar: Janos Koolen; Keyboards: Jerome van Rossum; Percussion: Jeroen de Rijk; Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar: J.G.V

I lived in Amsterdam during 2001. Among the many things that happened that year, three changed my life forever: I met the woman whom I have been together since; I had experiences with mushrooms and other hallucinogenic substances that changed my perception of reality. Last but not least: The “terrorist” attacks of 11 of September 2001 in the U.S.A. It changed the lives of everyone on this planet. It was the March of my life.


Music & Lyrics: J.G.V

Electric guitar: Janos Koolen; Drums: Pim Huitink; Percussion: Jeroen de Rijk;
Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar: J.G.V

Dedicated to all the waitresses and waiters from all over the world. To all who serve with a smile and are friendly and professional.



Music: J.G.V; Lyrics: Manuel Neto dos Santos

Vocal: Caroline Lobanov; Acordeon: Dino Hatz; Piano: Jerome van Rossum; Drums: Erik Dekker;
Guitar & bass guitar: J.G.V

“Like a shell – my love – at the sea’s shore – I put the ear on the guitar – as my soul cries – for the sea”

The melody came to mind at Gale beach in Algarve, Portugal. I was not able to shake it off until I took the guitar and completed the song.
The text is from a Fado written by Portuguese poet Manuel Neto dos Santos.



Music: J.G.V; Lyrics: J.G.V, Carlos Aguilar Blanc

Electric guitar: Juan Andrés Morales; Keyboards: Jelmer van Veen; Harmonica: Cadijo;
Drums: Pim Huitink; Banjo: Janos Koolen; Percussion: Jeroen de Rijk;
Acoustic guitar, bass guitar, vocals: J.G.V

The concept of a universal link between all existing things is very appealing to me. Specially when concerning ideas and creation of any kind.

“son como las olas del mar que al llegar a la orilla
humedecen la arena para hacerla brillar” (translate to English)

When the sand gets wet changes in density and tone, and is not because the sand itself but because the water passing through it.

Who is to say that our ideas, songs, moments of enlightment, are really created solely out of our brain? Couldn’t we be tapping onto a stream of invisible connections that, providing certain conditions, are received inside our mind? It feels so natural that we can believe it’s the product of our solitary mind.


Music: J.G.V; Lyrics: Eric Kerns, J.G.V

Vocals: Eric Kerns; Flugelhorn: Ben de Vries; Drums: Pim Huitink; Electric guitar: Janos Koolen; Percussion: Jeroen de Rijk; Backing vocals: Christiana Bairaktari; Acoustic guitar, bass guitar: J.G.V

In 2011 a nuclear plant in Fukijima, Japan got fatally damaged by a tsunami wave of 13 meters which overwhelmed the 10 meter plant’s seawall. It created the biggest nuclear disaster ever on our planet Earth. “How can we be so stupid” to build a nuclear plant so close to the sea, in a tsunami prone area, with the sole protection of a 10-meter wall? In the meantime we, not we, our children and their children will be living in radioactive waist for hundreds of years.
In October 2008, following the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual, The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 777.68 points. Is the biggest financial collapse in the history of Wall Street.“ How can we be so foolish” to trust the bankers again and again? Yet again we are subdued to beg the solution from the people who created the problem.


By Jörg Huber



Music & Lyrics: J.G.V

Drums: Pim Huitink; Keyboards: Jerome van Rossum; Electric guitar: Janos Koolen;
Vocals, Guitar, bass: J.G.V

This song describes two very personal stories. The first one is about choices in life.
“Is not the way that you want but what you want on the way”.
The second is a real story that happened to me. More than 30 years ago in Madrid, somebody told my high-school friends that I had died by heroin overdose.


Music: J.G.V; Lyrics: Theo Oerlemans

Vocals: Caroline Lobanov; Violin: Bea Reijs; Mandolin: Janos Koolen; Guitar, bass: J.G.V

The Rijn runs across six countries of Europe and when arrives in The Netherlands it diverts onto two rivers. I often come closer to greet its waters. In Utrecht I sat by the Leidsche Rijn kanaal, in Wijk bij Duusterde by the sluices. In Wageningen too I sit by the Nederrijn to play guitar and to contemplate. I find my peace near the water. Many songs came to mind while sitting by the river Rijn.




Music & Lyrics: J.G.V

Saxophone: Pieter van Houte; Electric guitar: Janos Koolen;
Drums: Pim Huitink; Percussion: Jeroen de Rijk;
Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar: J.G.V

“They were right, those who said love is not enough to overcome the problems and the phases, partner”

Relationships are always tricky. Especially long ones go through phases and problems with time. Why argue or be angry, it’s such short life after all!
If you can choose to be with someone: make it work, it’ll be worthy.




Music: J.G.V; Lyrics: Amelia de Vicente, J.G.V

Vocals, guitar, bass guitar: J.G.V; Violin: Mina Homma; Mandolin: Janos Koolen;

The song is about betrayed friendship. Seen someone in tears with a broken heart, a project on the line and no hope for solution. Then deciding to write a song and to create something more elevated out of pain in order to lift the soul. It was a good experience.



Music: J.G.V; Lyrics: Mike Williams

Vocals: Marcel Verbeek; Mandolin: Janos Koolen; Drums: Erik Dekker
Percussion: Jeroen de Rijk; Guitar, bass guitar, vocals: J.G.V

In 1999 I was invited to travel from Barcelona to Martinique on a sailing boat. The music came to mind while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. On my return to London my friend Mike Williams wrote the lyric and the song was born.



Music: J.G.V; Lyrics: Eric Kerns, J.G.V

Vocals: Eric Kerns; Backing vocals: Addo Kruizinga; Drums: Erik Dekker; Violin: Bea Reijs;
Electric guitars, metallofon: Janos Koolen; Bass guitar: J.G.V

Dreaming of a world where humans are another kind of beings, with no wars and no need for hate and greed. A world where children can fix the mistakes of the elders and the elders leave the children alone.
Waking up in the day by day of an average person, confronting reality after such dream is not always easy. One must realize that dreams can be helpful as motivators in life. But instead they make us sad longing for what we don’t have.


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